• Garage - Lydiard Service Station, Swindon
  • Garage - Lydiard Service Station, Swindon
  • Garage - Lydiard Service Station, Swindon

MOT Test Centre

Lydiard Service Station is a fully accredited MOT test centre with experienced & reliable motor mechanics. We offer competitive prices and reasonable hourly rates

What is an MOT?

Motor vehicles on UK roads must have a valid MOT certificate (VT20)

The MOtor vehicle Test is an annual test of the features of motor vehicles which are known to cause accidents, and thus focuses on relevant safety features including lights, brakes, steering, etc. The MOT test is due on or before the expiry date which is shown on the VT20 (MOT certificate).

Your car must have an MOT every year which can be up to a month early (providing the old test certificate is produced). The issue date of the new certificate will be the day the new teat was taken, however the expiry date will be the same as the old VT20 plus one year.