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  • Garage - Lydiard Service Station, Swindon
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Car Repairs

At Lydiard Service Station we have a reputation for friendly service and excellent quality of our work. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of services including replacement, repair or fitting of mechanical and electrical parts... and because we are an independent garage, we offer unbiased advice and recommendations.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle will minimize the cost and frequency of repairs.

  • clutches & exhausts
  • engines
  • gear boxes
  • radio cd, DVD, car phones,
  • rust repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • tyres
  • fabrications
  • welding
  • vintage cars (1930+)
  • Facilities on site for bodywork, re spray valeting


Brakes - What to look / listen for:

Some of the most common repairs we deal with involve the brake system. Brake pads may need replacing more than once during the lifespan of your car. Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years. Here are some of the danger signs of problems with your brakes:

  • Most cars make a faint sound from the pads gently touching the rotors and this is normal, but beware of any unusual noises.
  • Squeaking can result from dust or dirt on the brakes, loose or worn pads.
  • Rhythmic or pulsation noise (or in severe cases a pulsing foot pedal) could indicate a warped rotor.
  • Grinding noises could be something very nasty and brakes may be too worn or damaged to stop your car in an emergency.

We advise that repairs are carried our immediately for your safety and the safety of other.